Food and Feed Analysis

1) Mycotoxins in foods and animal feed

2) Antibiotics in meat

3) Protein and bioactive peptides

4) Phenolics and antioxidants

5) Food composition table

6) Food and feed microbiology

7) Bioavailability and bioaccessibility of substances (simulation of human and animal digestion)

8) Natural antimicrobials to improve shelf-life of foods and animal feed

9) Natural compounds to substitute antibiotics in animal feed


Food Biotechnology

1) Development of tailor-made food ingredients

2) Process optimization

3) Purification of bioactive compounds


Microbial Biotechnology

1) Production of microbial enzymes

2) Isolation of microorganisms and determination of probiotic activity

3) Production of antimicrobial fermentates

4) Isolation and characterization of antimicrobial compounds produced by microorganisms

5) Use of microorganisms to improve food shelf-life