Labs, Pilot Plant and Experimental Farm

Nestled in 2 major universities, NASSLE Group has access to a variety of laboratories, a fully equipped pilot plant for food production and an experimental farm.

Some of our facilities are presented below:



Microbiology, biotechnology, proteomics and analytical chemistry are our main areas of expertise. We have facilities that can work with BSL-1 and BSL-2 microorganisms, lab-scale bioreactors, HPLC equipment with DAD, FLD and MS/MS detectors – triple-quadrupole, triple-quadrupole with linear ion trap and quadrupole-TOF. Access to Maldi-TOF/TOF for proteomics. We also have full access to cell culture laboratories in order to perform toxicology, cell adhesion by pathogenic and probiotic bacteria, and bioavailability studies.

Pilot Plant

Benchtop technologies can be scaled up in our pilot plant. We have facilities to work with bakery, meat, grains, fruits/vegetables and dairy products. Moreover, we also have mini-silos (100 kg of grain) to test products that may improve grain quality, safety and shelf life.

The Experimental Farm


NASSLE partners with other researchers that can provide in-depth animal studies. PUCPR Experimental Farm can perform experiments with different species, including swine, dairy cattle, ovine, caprine and equine. Moreover, the farm also works with agriculture, planting corn, soy and several kinds of fruits. Therefore, a vast array of natural technologies can be tested, from natural pesticides to probiotics that improve animal performance.