Research Team

Our Principal Investigators come from different corners of the globe and work as Professors and Researchers in world-class institutions. They have partnered in several projects, including Government and Industry-funded applied research. NASSLE was born from this alliance, where the different yet complimentary backgrounds of our researchers have propelled the development of natural solutions for the food, animal feed and bioethanol industries.

Fernando Bittencourt Luciano – PI Brazil


B. Pharm. (UFSC, Brazil), B.Sc. Food Science and Technology (UFSC, Brazil), PhD Food Microbiology (University of Manitoba, Canada)

Giuseppe Meca – PI Spain


B.Sc. Food Science and Technology (University of Naples, Italy), PhD Food and Health (University of Naples, Italy), PhD Food Technology (University of Valencia, Spain)

Associated Professors


Keliani Bordin, B.Sc. Food Engineering (UDESC, Brazil), PhD Food Engineering (USP, Brazil)

Post-Doctoral Fellows

Raquel Vaz Hara, B.Sc. Biology (UniFil, Brazil), M.Sc. Biological Sciences (UNESP, Brazil), PhD Molecular and Cellular Biology (UNESP, Brazil)

Graduate Students

Carlos Luz Minguez, M.Sc. Food Science, PhD Candidate in Food Science

Jessica Audrey Feijó Corrêa, Biotechnologist, M.Sc. Candidate in Animal Science

Juan Manuel Quiles, M.Sc. Food Science, PhD Candidate in Food Science

Karla Bocate, Biologist, M.Sc. Microbiology, PhD Candidate in Animal Science

Lucas Ferreira Lopes, Food Engineer, M.Sc. Candidate in Animal Science

Natan Bueno Meira, Pharmacist, M.Sc. Candidate in Animal Science

Paloma Orso, Food Engineer, M.Sc. Candidate in Animal Science

Tiago de Melo Nazareth, Veterinarian, PhD Candidate in Animal Science

Undergraduate Students

Anne Schoch, Biotechnology

Gabriel de Lara, Food Engineering

Mariana Werner, Biotechnology