Outsource your R&D

The NASSLE Research Group was born from an international partnership of young renowned researchers who have worked in collaboration for several years to develop natural alternatives to improve safety and shelf life of foods and animal feed. We have combined key areas of biotechnology, microbiology, analytical chemistry and peptide design to create tailored solutions for companies, serving as their department of R&D.
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Industrial Collaboration

The main goal of NASSLE is to transform benchtop science in innovation. And there is no innovation if great ideas do not reach society. Our industrial partners are committed to invest in science in order to deliver high-quality products to the market.
Some of our clients are listed below:

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Public Funded Projects


H2020 – Research and Innovation Action – Societal Challenge 2 – “Food security, sustainable agriculture and forestry, marine, maritime and inland water research and the bioeconomy challenge” – Project GA 678781.


FP7 – Novel Integrated Strategies for Worldwide Mycotoxin Reduction in the Food and Feed Chains. Reduce mycotoxin contamination in the food and feed chain – Project KBBE-2007-2-5-05.


PVE 2014 – Natural bioactive compounds to mitigate mycotoxins in grains, flours and nuts – Project 400896/2014-1.


CNPq/PQ 2015 – Mitigation of mycotoxins in grains, flours and nuts – Project 304299/2015-4.

MCTI/CNPq/Universal -2014 – Combination of essential oils and phenolic acids against Listeria monocytogenes, Salmonella Enteritidis e Escherichia coli O157:H7 in meat products – Project 454294/2014.


Food packaging combining biopolymers and encapsulated bioactive compounds (PACKBIOBIO) – Project APE-2016/008.

Reduction of toxigenic mold contamination and mycotoxins in foods and animal feed using natural bioactive compounds – Project GV2016-106.


Programa de Bolsas de Produtividade em Pesquisa e Desenvolvimento Tecnológico CP 21/2012 – Natural antimicrobial formula for application in ethanolic fermentation against contaminant bacteria – Project 594/2014.

Programa Pró-Equipamentos Estadual CP 01/2015 – Infrastructure funding for Agri-Food Technology Lab – Project 45205.459.36703.3001.

Programa Institucional de Pesquisa Básica e Aplicada CP 09/2016 – Garlic essential oil as antifungal agent and mycotoxin detoxifier in stored corn.